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DENSO People

Our cutting-edge products begin with people. We have some of the most creative minds at work, and they're fueled by our commitment to quality. Our associates develop innovative solutions, technologies and products, always looking to the future with a deep curiosity and a flexible imagination. Whether it's new manufacturing techniques, new products or a faster delivery process, our people make it happen.

And with more than 14,000 people in 15 countries, wherever you are in Europe we’re somewhere close to you!

Daily life at DENSO

Our people focus on getting it right for the customer, continuously improving everything we do and problem solving (you may have heard of 'kaizen', this means continuous improvement).  We even have a name for this approach – the DENSO Way of working! So, what does that really mean? Watch these short films to get a better idea:



Personal and Career Growth

Developing yourself and your career with DENSO in Europe isn’t a problem! With operations in more than 15 countries there are always opportunities for those willing to seek them out. Finding and recruiting motivated, skilled people is time-consuming and costly, so – just as we devote effort to increasing our product quality through kaizen – we prefer to invest our time and money developing existing employees. Our induction training, leadership development programmes and continuous, on-the-job development training (OJD) enable our Associates to grow within DENSO and fulfill their ambitions in Europe or around the world.